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All the information in this web site ancancha.me is very much intended to inspire and help those wishing to loose weight and get fit and healthy achieve their goals.
Having been a nicotine addict and part time alcoholic for many years I sincerely hope that the information on the addiction page will greatly assist those wishing to give up smoking, do so. Its free 😀

This is my personal experience of weight loss and addiction. Life is a moving target, and my views and techniques may change as new information becomes available.

I do not have any recognised qualifications for nutrition or exercise. Information contained in the web site ancancha.me is for the most part my own views based on my own experience and from information I gathered from friends, family; and people I met along the way who had gone through a weight loss and fitness regime with varying degrees of success and longevity. I did, and do listen to experts, often qualified, discussing weight lose and health on radio and TV shows, and from internet sources. Where views are from an outside source, a reference is generally given.

Any references to places and people is not intended to harm in anyway, and is included to illustrate the process I went through, and the events which took place during the period when I gained weight, and when I lost it permanently with ease 🤣

The owner(s) of the web site ancancha.me won’t be held liable for any consequence resulting from the text, photos or video content on the ancancha.me web site; unless of course it results in more human beings losing weight in a healthy manor, if required, and getting fitter and more healthy generally 😉 This is the explicit intention of ancancha.me

Access to ancancha.me is licensed, not sold. You may access ancancha.me for your personal use only. All rights not explicitly granted are reserved by the owners of ancancha.me

It is entirely incumbent on the purchaser to take responsibility for any exercise they undertake, and nutrition they consume. Purchasers should make up their own minds about their personal weight, fitness and health issues. Indeed it is my firm hope that if you join ancancha.me, you will develop an enquiring mind and evidence based critical judgement, if you do not possess these abilities already.

Hygiene is important when preparing, processing and consuming food, and it is the purchases sole responsibility to ensure their own safe hygiene standards.

Eating a balanced diet is vital to good health, and it is the purchases sole responsibility to ensure they eat a diet conducive to their own health. Advice and or information is given as is, without any guarantee.

Any exercise and or weight training activities the purchaser engages in whether as a consequence of joining ancancha.me or otherwise is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Advice and or information is given as is, without any guarantee.

The owner(s) of the web site ancancha.me won’t be held liable for any health issues or any other consequence caused by engaging in any activities suggested or implied in the text, photos or video content on the ancancha.me web site.

No sentence, paragraph, phrase, word or group of words however put together, images or videos ! can be construed or understood separately, without regard to the complete text, photos and videos of the entire ancancha.me web site, including any text read, photos viewed, or videos watched from any of the pages and diary entries.

By purchasing access to ancancha.me you explicitly accept the above statements, and are bound by the spirit of this agreement.

Any indemnity not explicitly detailed in the above text is assumed.

This agreement may be subject to change. Purchasers who continue to use this site after any change to the terms and conditions will abide by those changes. Major changes will be notified to existing purchasers by email. Unless notification is received to the contrary, it will be assumed that purchasers agree to be bound by any changes.

The information on ancancha.me is not a static, and will be updated to take account of new information. Also videos, photos and text may be updated to ensure it’s relevance, general readability and pleasure of viewing or watching.

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See the privacy policy page 😉


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Although I take care to inform purchasers of any safety and health issues, safety and health is ultimately the purchasers sole responsibility.

By purchasing from ancancha.me, the purchaser agrees to indemnify the owner(s) of the web site ancancha.me against any injury and or loss without exclusion, exception or limitation, resulting from reading, viewing or carrying out tasks described in, implied by or relating to any digital content purchased, either to themselves or any third parties.

The maintenance and safe use of any equipment required to carry out any activity described in, implied by or relating to any digital content purchased from the web site ancancha.me is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
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Any rights not expressly granted in this Agreement are assumed.

Safety Advice

Pay attention to what you are doing !
Give yourself room to exercise safely and ensure sufficient lighting.
Train don’t strain !
Eat a healthy balanced diet !

There are often conflicting views about certain foods and exercises, even amongst professionals National and international media, and the internet often purport opposing arguments Government advice often changes 🙄
My advice; gather as much information as you can and MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND  based on reasoned argument and evidence.

Good luck 🍀

By purchasing access to ancancha.me you explicitly accept the above statements, and are bound by the spirit of this agreement !