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I am convinced that Milk Kefir has helped me lose weight and maintain that weight loss. I drink on average more than a litre of Milk Kefir each day.

Milk Kefir grains sold in quantities of 10 grams which is more than enough to get you started.
This is what 10 grams looks like on a side plate

and for those of you who need a close up

These grains have just been washed in full fat Irish cows milk, which is the milk that I use to make my milk Kefir. You will find more information about how I make milk Kefir if you follow the link below.

Access to my entire weight loss story for 3 months is included when you purchase Milk kefir grains from ancancha. There is a page dedicated to Making Milk Kefir NOTE you will need to have bought Milk Kefir grains from ancancha, or access to ancancha, and be logged into your account to view the page.

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