helpful start page 😉

A guide to where to start and how to use ancancha.

ancancha is made up of pages and diary posts.

The pages

are laid out as in a book, so a good order to read them in would be to start at:

  • what, then read
  • you need to know, then
  • you need to do etc.

then go onto the next section:

  • diet
  • menus
  • sauerkraut etc

Note that the top level menus headings are also pages ! i.e “exercise” is a page as well, and not just the headings below it, e.g. the gym, background etc.

Nothing should be a tablet of stone though ! dip into whichever page(s) interest you at the time 😉

TIP once you are logged in, and you need to be logged in to access all of the pages and posts on ancancha, you can use the search to find anything of interest.

The diary posts

are set out in chronological order, starting at the first day of my first serious attempt, the 28th May 2011 to the latest diary entry. The diary is quite repetitive at times, but do persevere, as there is some great critique of fat loss programs, especially towards the end, where I also continue my insights into my personal weight loss and health issues.

Tracking your weights and measurements

I think it is important to keep a note of how things are going. Mostly I use a spreadsheet to keep track of my weights, measurements and the other metrics I consider important:

  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Activity
  • Structured exercise

I do use an app on the phone for recording my weight training reps, and did use a dedicated tracker on this site for a while. As of late 2019 I have an Apple Watch to record Activity and Health.

To give you the gist of what it’s all about, view and read below.

So finally I got here and published this site 😉 I am chuffed to bits, though I thought I would have it done in May 2012 ! evidently there was quite a bit more to my weight issues.
I really hope that it helps you at whatever position on the overweight spectrum your are achieve your weight loss ambitions. I say ambitions, because personally I’ve never found goals and targets worked for me, or at least not time based ones. If they work for you, then that’s grand 🙂

Something that I discovered towards the completion of this project is that there are quite a few thin people who would be quite fat if they didn’t continually monitor their weight and take steps to ensure they stay in shape. There are a many people around where I currently stay who are often out on their bikes and walking as well. They’re all at it 😉 young, old and everyone in-between !
The Truth about Thin People says most of it. Though for me at the last place I found it impossible. Something else was definitely going on !
I now enjoy staying in shape, but I do work at it. The difference is now I can, and it’s easy 😉 For some of you it may also be that you have the ambition to lose weight and get fit and healthy, and generally stay in shape, but find it more or less impossible. For me the difference was moving to an environment where I could.
I hasten to add this isn’t a completion so to speak, but rather just the point in time, at which I feel this site and me are presentable enough to be published. I don’t have any issues motivating myself to exercise, or to eat and live healthily now. So am really looking forward to seeing what I look like next year ! Now that I can weight train, exercise regularly and eat a diet conducive to staying in shape.

Guess I say all the rest of it in the other pages and diary posts, enjoy 😉
Good luck 🍀