Gleninagh mountain has several tops, I only managed the first one during this walk which isn’t names.

The first top has a large burial mound with a Carin on top.

A pity about the misty weather I got on the day, though I will be back, this was a fabulous walk, and would be fabulous to include the main top Gleninagh and Cappanawalla.

The time I spent actually walking was: 2 hours and 17 minutes. An average speed of 3.4kph is fine, I wasn’t trying to break any speed records.

I did get some good views on the way up

Gleninagh walk Galway bay and limestone pavement
Gleninagh walk atlantic

Plenty of these Neolithic (New Stone Age) tombs scattered about the place, more than I have see elsewhere in the Burren.
the Neolithic period in Ireland was around 3000BC

Gleninagh walk tomb

and there were some notable points of interest as well.

An interesting SUV track lined with stones

Gleninagh walk stone lined track

Two quite distinct stone encirclements are shown on the OS map, perhaps they are linked, the second larger structure was a fort

Gleninagh walk Galway bay
Gleninagh walk fort

It would have been fabulous to get some clearer views, I did get glimpses as the mist came and went

Gleninagh walk way up cliff

On the way back down the views could have been just as spectacular

Gleninagh walk way back cliff and ledge

Couldn’t resist taking a selfie among these cairns 🤣

Gleninagh walk selfie

As well as Neolithic tombs, there is an abundance of wildflowers

Gleninagh blue wild flower
Gleninagh purple wild flower
Gleninagh thistle wild flower

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