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Having been an addict, smoking and what I’d term part time alcoholism; I’m very keen that if you under the influence of addictions, that you also manage to set yourself free 🙂 I’m on a bit of a mission on this, as well as general health.

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Giving up smoking is probably the easiest way of reducing your tax bill !

  • You’d reduce your tax bill by around €2500 a year if you live in the EU, £2000 a year if you live in the UK, around a $1000 a year if you live in the US.
  • Give it a go, you have so much to gain ! besides saving money…

Give up smoking 😉
Improve your chances of living a longer and happier life 😁
Save a small fortune as well € $ £ ¥ ₨ 00, 000s, 😁

The same applies to alcohol. NOTE though that I’m not opposed to the occasional glass with friends.

If you are drinking a lot on your own, then perhaps you have an issue. I used to drink up to four large cans of high strength beer, or a bottle of red wine with evening meals when I was on a downward spiral. Now I very occasionally enjoy a glass of beer, red wine or spirit. Scotch Whiskeys have interesting tastes and I enjoy them as well, though very occasionally 😉 This is the nub of it, now I drink for the pleasure of company and the taste. I used to have periods when I couldn’t control myself and gluged it down 😧

Now I can have alcohol in moderation. I don’t have any need to “get after it” as the saying goes 🤣

I’d estimate that I save around €4000 a year from my now very modest alcohol consumption. There’s a lot of useful things you can do with 4k 😉


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