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19th May 2019


  • Length – 8  hours
  • Quality – took a while to get to sleep again, I wonder why; exposure to different viruses and bacteria doing the silage, a very much increased sugar and salt consumption. I’ll never know, not that severe so not concerned. Woke up and did a half an hour of reiki on my right side before getting up.

75.7 kilos with a waist of 91 cm. Was into the last hole in the belt when I got up though 🙂

A good day, most of the morning in front of the screen playing around with new software to see if it’s more efficient or has anything that will make things better in general. The jury is still out so to speak.
Chatted to a family member on Skype for an hour or so before getting out and moving the remaining poly pots from one plastic sheet to the other. Consolidating space.

Wasn’t planing to go shopping, but guess I am still keen to verify that the car is functioning properly. It is going well, but using more fuel than I would expect. Went to the filling station at Lissycasey, and then onto Kilrush.

Straight into the outdoor clothes when I got back and got most of the grass cut 🙂 still a bit to do which I will get done tomorrow once I have progressed the poly tunnel renovations.
The grass definitely needed cutting ! beginning to look like field 😏

Finished up around 9 pm.

A satisfying day 🙂

What’s noticeable

  • How easily motivated I am, it’s not like there’s any real need. I know what needs to be done, and what I would like to get done. I’ll never get round to everything, but there is a lot less time wasting 😉
  • My posture is good, and so my knee is less tender 🙂
  • Mentally there definitely seems to have been another step forward in the last couple of weeks or so. My memory is much improved 🙂


  • Three scrambled eggs on buttered wholemeal toast with black pepper
  • Four cups of normal tea with milk


  • The usual, a banana followed by 750ml of milk Kefir with L-Glutamine, whey protein, BCAA and Inulin mixed in


  • Chicken salad roll
  • A litre of spring water

Early evening

  • The usual, 750ml of milk Kefir with L-Glutamine, whey protein, BCAA and Inulin mixed in
  • A couple of squares of dark chocolate


  • Perhaps another half litre of spring water as I go to bed

Today’s structured exercise:

  • Definitely putting down for another good session of alternative rural aerobics 😉 though I am looking forward to getting the poly tunnels finished and getting back to structured exercise. I may even get a stretching and pilates session tomorrow and a cycle into the post office and back.